Digital Marketing


Digital Market Asset Team (DMAT):

The Clipeum Group recognizes that the future of market penetration strategies is leveraging Digital Assets, and that this future is now. The Clipeum Group has a Digital Marketing Asset Team group with the diverse and deep expertise needed to effectively penetrate markets to gain visibility with Centers of Influence and targeted, prospective, insureds.

Our multi-layered approach effectively engages a prospective insured where they live and are active on the internet with the goal of having them take a specific action to engage one of our digital platforms designed to convert them from interested prospects into contracted insureds with our program.

“digital disruptors” – Insuretech portal technology

DMAT is led by our business development leadership to develop potentially powerful ways to drive our Clipeum insurance programs into the marketplace. The Clipeum Group also leverages it “insuretech” technology platform that we have developed to provide our clients a uniquely powerful position in the 21st century digital marketplace.  With online portal technology we minimize transactional friction across the entire process of engaging a prospect to booking the premium dollars for the policy.

drive programs into the marketplace by:

  • Confirming who the target market is, and their emotional drives
  • Identify messages that resonate with target market
  • Find them where they are active on the internet
  • Place content, advertisements, call to actions in front of them to buy the product

Content Development and Deployment as Thought Leader:

We focus very specifically on who is our target prospect and what are they concerned about most. Our team develops specific content for them and deploys it into the “social media” areas where we know they are specifically active.

Content Visibility, Apps, and SEO:

Specific strategies are used to place relevant content in the relevant places on the Internet and to then use keywords, Apps, SEO, and other techniques to increase visibility.

Data Techniques:

Leading edge techniques are used to gather data profiles of the target prospect in the specific geographic areas we are focused on during each phase of our program.


With the above in place our group now knows precisely how to do strategically focused ad buys that successfully engage our target prospect and motivate them to take an action.

Minimal Transactional Friction

This philosophy drives our entire approach at The Clipeum Group.

Our vision is always to create programs that require minimal human involvement in the steps of the program process, and to make it as convenient and easy for the target prospect as possible. Clipeum’s approach does this by combining the Digital Marketing Strategy outlined above, our on the ground distribution networks (with deep, personal relationships with our target industry sectors and prospects), with robust digital infrastructure for online access, signup, and servicing.