The Spear

Our firm has unique capabilities, resources and experience not only to develop insurance programs but more importantly to manage them and to grow them by penetrating the marketplace.

Your Insurance Program – The Tip of the Spear

Our team of experienced professionals is seeking program opportunities with appointed retailer agency partners throughout the USA. We are interested in existing or startup programs on homogeneous books of business where the retailer has expert knowledge of the specific coverage issues and challenges of their clients. We need to be able to gather 3-5 years minimum exposure and loss data. We work closely with our retail, broker partner to address specialized coverage, risk analysis, and program management that enable us to create and manage a long-term insurance program.

Agency captives and group captives can be created and managed by The Clipeum Group if risk participation is desired as well as contingency agreements based on book profitability.

Digital Marketing Strategy — Our “secret sauce”

We have developed Digital Market Asset Team of internet and content experts who project the insurance program into the marketplace. Our team will drive the programs products into these niche marketplaces to maximize the premium growth and revenue for our programs.  The Clipeum Group also leverages it “insuretech” technology platform that we have developed to provide our clients a uniquely powerful position in the 21st century digital marketplace.  

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