The Shield

At The Clipeum Group, we are trusted advisers to business owners to protect their most important asset, their business.

For a business owner their business is usually the largest and most illiquid asset on their balance sheet. They are hyper focused on how to grow and protect the value of their business. While known risk is always of concern, it is the unknown risk that can keep the business owner up at night. Traditional, commercial, insurance products often don’t properly protect the business from known risks adequately and cost effectively. And they certainly don’t help uncover and insure unknown risks. Brokers who can have this conversation with owners and then guide them to alternative risk solutions will build value with their business owner clients and differentiate themselves from other insurance brokers. That is why we built The Clipeum Group. So we can be your partner who can help you have these conversations with your owner client and prospects, help design better comprehensive insurance solutions, and in the end place more lines of coverage in both traditional and alternative risk.